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The Flood

With emotional abuse You learn strategies

These can take you very far As far as you may want to go You can manage fine , doing your thing. A few friends . Hobbies Whatever. But you don’t learn to expect good things You are cynical ,suspicious judgemental You don’t learn about normal relationships You are lonely ,dysfunctional or addicted You don’t learn to make personal decisions You let these be subordinate You don’t dream or imagine life will be anything other than endured So you keep a little piece of you .

Didn't you ?

The piece that existed before you heard anyone else’s voice.

Before you were told how life was to be lived . Hidden from the world .

You kept it in a secret place . Before the flood. At first it was a seeping ,then rapidly ,murky flood water surges and rips through everything. The flotsam of your life smashes about your head and body Bruising and embarrassing You are tumbled in the torrent of water Of flood gates opened Suddenly without warning In the most innocent of circumstances It was just one step too far The straw that broke the camels back You assume you will die But you are left standing . Drenched. Alone. You have had to work to survive . The waters recede. You had to let go of some stuff. The tide lines on the walls a reminder of the work that has been done Disorientated Stronger You arise This was not planned. Naked now Knowing you need help For the first time .


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